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Hi, I'm Monica!

I am a Mexican painter living in Italy since 2001.

I studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and trained as a Gestalt Art Counsellor at the Gestalt Institute in Bologna. I lead training courses with Erasmus+ projects and work at AD'A Art Academy in Florence.

Art has been my lifelong passion, a way to connect with myself and embrace continuous creativity.

I conduct individual sessions and workshops in English, Italian, and Spanish, helping people tap into their resources and creativity through Art, Gestalt and Art Therapy.

Gestalt encourages living in the present moment

and taking responsibility for change,

while creativity empowers us to explore and shape our lives.


Creating art offers a transformative and therapeutic journey.

Art invites us to embrace the present, immersing ourselves in the here and now!

Creativity emerges as a vital instrument, inviting us to venture, experiment, and leap into the unknown.

By creating we can experience and live ourselves as creators of our lives and choices.
It is not as important to make
"art" as a finished, beautiful product but to try to integrate the risks I take in art by carrying them into our lives.




"My work is about helping people get in touch with themselves by enhancing their resources and creativity."



“My gratitude to Monica for her guidance in Art Therapy. I discover healing, self acceptance, and inner growth through her methods, compassion, and energy.”
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