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About me


I have been painting all my life since I can recall but started my career 19 years ago when I started living in Florence, where I studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts.  Afterwards  I specialized in Gestalt Therapy and Art Therapy at the Istituto Gestalt Bologna.

I also taught Creative Painting at the Gestalt Institute for 10 years. 

Actually, I work at Europass Teacher Academy.

I have collaborated with various Institutes around Italy like Milan and Florence.

I work with groups, single sessions online and in presence.

Painting is my passion since I was a child, I love art because it is a journey to connect with myself, a picture in constant transformation. I see my life as a continuous creative process. 

My purpose is to help people get in touch with themselves by enhancing their own resources and creativity through the use of Art, being in contact with the present moment, here and now.

Creativity in this context becomes a fundamental tool that gives us the opportunity to take risks, to try,  play and to be yourself…. By creating we can experiment and live as creators of our life and our choices. It does not matter to do "Art" as a finished and beautiful product , it is the very intention that takes us to  integrate experiences, delivering them into our life.

Monica Ogaz

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