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Art as an spiritual teacher

Art can be a spiritual moment. When we approach painting, we can feel the fear of our own judgment
Spiritual connection through art

Art can be a spiritual moment. When we approach painting, we can feel the fear of our own judgment. That need to create something meaningful, something beautiful or with a clear purpose, can be scary. It is essential to get away from the idea that we must do everything for a purpose. There are moments of pure connection, of just presence, and that is already an end much greater than the result.


Seeking connection means being in that state where my mind is calm and I can identify with something other than just my thoughts. To feel myself as something more than just the mind. Art invites us to feel, to enter a space where I can be an observer and let myself be guided by my hands. Reaching that peace may require effort and patience. In my experience, the stimulus to look outside, to my cell phone, to the world, takes me away from the present moment and what is really happening. Perhaps at this time that impulse to step outside of myself is greater; I can't know precisely, but I can feel it. I am constantly stepping outside of myself, looking for excuses not to feel. It's so easy to grab the phone every minute. The hard part is being there, witnessing: what am I feeling? It's so easy to get carried away by any thought that distracts me from myself. Then I have to return to the painting, to breathing, to not following my urge to leave.


When I am able to resist the urge to leave, then I can give art space to be a spiritual teacher.


Art says to me: stay, observe, feel!


While painting, we are connecting the inner with the outer, as in a dance.In this dance, I let myself be carried away by colors, shapes, surfaces that are woven with emotions, sensations, memories.All this amalgamates into something external to me.Then I can learn to differentiate myself and see myself from the outside, I can separate myself from my identifications and ideas.Then many things happen: on the one hand, listening to my needs and feelings; on the other hand, letting them flow out of me.And while this happens, the simple fact of letting them come out and flow without the need to control everything.


Art invites us to be that observer, as when we are meditating.It is not about eliminating our thoughts or judgments forever, but it is about being a witness.And by being that active observer, I can realize that I am not just mind and that my mind doesn't really stop for a second.I can disidentify and perhaps, from there, connect with other parts of me.We can start with the body, recover our breath.That first breath that brought me into the world and that will be the last thing I do.Breathing with awareness is a way to witness, to calm anxiety and that judgment.To let go of control and all those endless to-do lists, worries, anxieties, etc.

Today I invite you to paint your breath. To close your eyes, observe your mind and start following your breath on paper. Every time a thought comes, write it down, make a scribble and let it go.


In this way, at least for 5 minutes to begin with, and increasing more and more, we will see how with practice we manage to silence it more and more.


Art invites us to be present, let's start by breathing...


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