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Virtual and on-site modality


We live running, and we don't stop to feel. This will be a space to give ourselves time, a time to listen to feel where we are and where we want to go.

We will get in touch with your emotions, to explore your inner world. We can create a map where we can locate you in every aspect of your life!

And so to be able to look at those situations of conflict, challenge, change, etc. that somehow no longer have a place in your life, to grow, get out of your comfort zone, open up, and create new realities and possibilities.


These encounters can use Art or not, only through dialogue. 

In my experience, the use of Art can expand the possibilities of self-discovery, the fact of using nonverbal language allows us to let go of control and learn things about ourselves through a different language.







Virtual and on-site modality


Group work is always interesting, the group becomes a container of memories, a protected space where a beautiful and profound encounter can take place.

In each of the participants I can find a mirror that reflects something of me, so I remember that we are not so different from each other.

 The goal is to work on different themes using Art and beyond to transfer these experiences into everyday life where small but fundamental changes are made to increase our awareness and well-being. 

The group becomes that space where I can risk, experiment, flow, and play, making these discoveries an engine to make changes in my life where personal growth becomes collective!

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