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Discover the power of self-awareness with this insightful exercise on understanding the labels we carry.
Labeling is a constant part of our daily lives, and it's essential to become aware of the labels we've received or given ourselves.

This exercise focuses on observing and understanding the labels we carry with us. Labelling is a constant part of our daily lives, and it's essential to become aware of the labels we've received or given ourselves. Some labels might have come from our families, while others could be strong beliefs we hold about ourselves and our character.


Take a moment to reflect on the various labels you've received over time. These can be positive or negative and can come from different sources such as family, friends, society, or even self-imposed beliefs. Think about how each label makes you feel and whether it accurately represents you. Write down each label on a separate post-it note. Be honest and thorough, including all labels that come to mind, even if they seem insignificant.


Once you've written all your labels, stick the post-it notes onto your body. This physical act can help you visualize and feel the weight of the labels you carry. The tactile experience of placing these labels on yourself is crucial. Touching and feeling the labels on your skin fosters a deeper connection with the words and their meanings, promoting a heightened awareness of their impact.


Look at the labels covering your body and evaluate each one. Decide which labels you want to keep and which ones you want to remove. Consider why you want to keep certain labels and what they mean to you. Similarly, think about why you want to remove certain labels and how they may have been limiting or harmful. It’s important to acknowledge any negative or uncomfortable emotions that arise during this process. Embracing these feelings, rather than suppressing them, is essential for personal growth and creating wellbeing.


Start removing the labels you’ve decided to let go of. As you remove each label, take a moment to acknowledge its impact on you and consciously release it. This act of removal can be liberating, symbolizing a shedding of restrictive beliefs and a step towards self-empowerment. For the labels you decide to keep, think about how they serve you and align with your true self.


After the exercise, take some time to reflect on how you feel without certain labels. If this is a group activity, you may share your experience with others, discussing the labels you removed and why. Sharing can foster a sense of community and support, enhancing the therapeutic benefits of the exercise.


Be gentle with yourself. This exercise can be emotionally intense, so approach it with kindness and compassion. There's no rush. Spend as much time as you need reflecting on each label. Writing down your thoughts before, during, and after the exercise can provide deeper insights and help you process your feelings. This exercise can be a powerful way to understand the labels we carry, how they shape our identity, and the freedom that comes from choosing which labels to embrace and which to discard. By fostering an awareness of negative or uncomfortable emotions, we can promote a deeper sense of wellbeing and self-acceptance.


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